🪧 Supplement: This document is a manual and will be updated and modified according to the development situation. It is not a fixed white paper. :)

CTT Long-Term Pool

“CTT Long-Term Pool” is a long-term, single-time staking pool.
The lock-up of CTT Long-Term Pool is the same as CTT Floating Pool, participants can withdraw the staking $CTT and $BUSD profits after the end of the pool. The output is relatively larger than others’ if your amount of staked $CTT is larger, and the lock-up period is longer.
However, the difference between Long-Term Pool and Floating Pool is that the “Long-Term Pool” is a single-time long lock-up pool, which means participants don’t need to choose “Continue To Stake” after the staking period ends each time. Thus, CTT Long-Term Pool is a much more suitable tool for those who want to hold $CTT long-term, and the overall scale of output will be larger than floating pool.

CTT Floating Pool

$CTT floating pool is a short-term pool with a period of 168 hours. Users can choose to stake continuously and gain higher profits from multiple periods.
You can’t claim until the end of the lock-up period from the moment that users join the CTT floating pool. For example, your $CTT will be locked up for 168 hours (the exact period is based on the block terminating time) when you participate in the floating staking pool at the moment that the floating pool opens. But if you join the pool half-way, it will be unlocked when the lock-up period ends. Therefore, each participant will get the staking APY as long as he joins the staking pool.
Participants can choose to withdraw $CTT after the lock-up period ends. Moreover, you can click “Continue To stake” to join in the next round of $CTT staking.
*Since the pool size of $BUSD in floating pool is fixed, the output ratio of each staking $CTT will be fluctuant based on the staking period and the total staking scale. In the meanwhile, participants need to decide whether to join in the next staking round after the period of 168 hours ends.

About Staking Function

The staking function is a new derivative of $CTT holding dividends. This function will gradually update and operate in the long-term on the official website. CryptoTycoon will immediately announce the information about the new round of staking pool or update. Thanks for your support!