⚽️ Soccer Kitty

1. Soccer Kitty

Soccer Kitty is a live broadcast game that takes the Euro Cup as the live event based on Binance Smart Chain. Before the designated game starts, players can bet BNB to support their favorite team. After the supported team wins, the betting amount from the losing side will be sent to the supporters of the winning side.

For example, the supporters of the Turkish team bet a total of 100 BNB, and the supporters of the Italian team put a total of 900 BNB, then the two teams will account for 1:9 in the pool. When the Turkish team finally wins the game , supporters of the Turkish team will get 1000 BNB.




51 Games


24 Teams

Hard cap


Soft cap

0.01 BNB


5%(50% will be used to buy back CTT token)

Bonus rate


Way of participation

Deposit your bet before the game starts

Participation certificate

BNB(BEP-20 Only)


Winners will receive the reward within one working day after the game ends

Reward certificate

BNB(BEP-20 Only)


After the European Cup ends, all participating addresses will receive a Soccer Cat NFT


Game status

Not started (Game/teams confirmed)

Players can bet BNB on their supported team

Not started (Games/team undecided )

No information is displayed, and players cannot bet in advance


Players can no longer bet BNB, players who have already participated need to wait for the result


Players who won the bet will receive BNB within one working day