Road Map

🪧 Supplement: This document is a manual and will be updated and modified according to the development situation. It is not a fixed white paper. :)
To be precise, this is not a roadmap: it is a to-do list for CryptoTycoon's work, in no particular order, but with a rough time. We will hold an internal ZOOM meeting everyday, and then update the to-do status and new tasks on this page. The timeline for each stage is 15-30 days.
Fireside chats: Every week, we will have a voice or text communication with investors, partners, consultants, and volunteers. To synchronize our movements and listen to suggestions, so that we can always keep pace with the world.

Initial stage

  • Smart contract coding
  • Legitimate subject and legal opinion
  • Game design and development launch
  • European and American market partners participation
  • Smart contract audit (conducted by Zhongke audit institution)
  • Official website v0.1 design and launches
  • Institutional investment round determination
  • Community investors round determination
  • Media cooperation signing
  • Community cooperation signing
  • New media and community operations
  • IDO, IFO, IIO cooperation platform finalized

Early stage

  • Game closed beta
  • CTT release
  • Official website v0.5 design and launches
  • IDO, IFO, IIO launch step by step
  • Harvesting CTT by Game Farming officially launching
  • Game interactive contract audit
  • v2.0 game planning
  • Statistics of active addresses in closed beta testing (for distribution of rewards after)

Open beta

  • Game Beta
  • Dice shop launches
  • Game v1.5 development started
  • Game v2.0 development started
  • New round of liquidity mining
  • New CTT economic model
  • Official website v1.0 design and launches
  • Swap and support on more chains (high-performance network)

v2.0 stage

  • Re-design the website interaction
  • Officially launch game v2.0
  • Brand new gaming platform
  • Start the closed beta of new games
  • Combining CTT with the purpose of new games
  • More external chain swap support