🪧 Supplement: This document is a manual and will be updated and modified according to the development situation. It is not a fixed white paper. :)

What is KittySlot?

KittySlot is the 4th light game developed and launched by CryptoTycoon. Players can use BNB, BUSD or CTT to deposit into the public pool. A participant will be randomly selected and rewards will be distributed to him when the pool reaches the hard cap. Therefore, it can help participants to quickly complete the gain of 100x return with probability.

How to experience?

Players need to prepare a crypto wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain. You can use the MetaMask wallet or a wallet supported by the WalletConnect protocol If you access via a computer; if you access via the mobile terminal, you can use crypto mobile wallets such as TrustWallet and SafePal.
If you are participating in a $BNB pool, you only need to prepare a certain amount of BNB as the gas fee and participation amount. If you are participating in a non-BNB BUSD or CTT pool, you need BNB + corresponding tokens.
After participating in the corresponding pool, the tokens you participated in will be locked into the game/pool. When the number of tokens in a single pool reaches the hard cap and the result is released, the system will randomly distribute rewards to the participants. You can use the "Participation Record" to view participation and lottery results.


KittySlot uses a true random number algorithm, so there is no pseudo-random fixed probability or probabilities that can be predicted in advance. At the same time, the single pool game in KittySlot triggers the result when the amount of participation reaches the hard cap, so it will not be based on the block height, or the time of the oracle quotation for settlement, which prevents the possibility of interfering with the result through the behavior of node miners in advance.

Supported tokens?

In the first phase, the supported tokens are BNB, BUSD and CTT running on the Binance Smart Chain with the BEP20 mechanism. In the second phase, we will list other tokens of BSC partners so that users can also use other tokens to play KittySlot games.