CTT Tokens and Distribution

🪧 Supplement: This document is a manual and will be updated and modified according to the development situation. It is not a fixed white paper. :)


CTT is the game token of CryptoTycoon, which has both functional and governance usages. It is currently running on Binance Smart Chain.
CTT contract address: 0x464863745ed3af8b9f8871f1082211c55f8f884d
Block Explorer: BSCScan

Token specifications

Token name
CryptoTycoon Token
Binance Smart Chain(BSC)
5 %
Obtaining mechanism
Game mining, airdrops, liquidity mining, invitation rebate
Default decimal
18 digits (5 decimal recommended)
Release mechanism
Release no more than 300,000 in 1 year

Ways to obtain

Ways to obtain
Game mining
If you build a house to participate in mining or trigger events, you will get CTT in game.
Airdrop interaction
After the game reaches a certain level of activity, airdrop CTT to the appointed address of the active player, twice a year.
Community campaign
Users will get a small amount of airdrops by participating in specific activities on the cooperated platforms.
Invitation rebate
If a player invites other players to play, 75% of the BNB, BUSD and other tokens spent in game will be rebated directly.

Deflation burning

5% Tax
When transferring CTT on the BSC chain, 5% of the transfer amount will be burned permanently.
Buildings built in the game will be demolished if the player fail to pay taxes over time.
Official repo
Non-CTT income such as BNB and BUSD obtained in the game, 50% of which will be used to repurchase CTT and burn directly.
On-chain voting
To participate in the voting on the chain, you need to stake CTT, if the proposal passes within a certain period of time, CTT will be returned.

Split proposal

When the CTT circulation scale exceeds 50% of its supply, and the price increases by more than 3000% from the initial guide price of $20. An on-chain voting will be launched. Participants need to stake at least 50,000 (5% of the total) CTT to be able to do so, which trigger the 1 to 10 ratio mechanism.

Token distribution

Game mining
  • 750,000 CTT tokens (75%).
  • Mainly used for in-game rewards, please refer to the "constructive mining" production reduction mechanism for releasing.
Institution investments
  • 30,000 CTT tokens (3%).
  • 10% unlocked in the first month, linear average release in the next 11 months.
  • Each corporation has a hard cap of 3,000 CTT, and a total of 10 corporations are planned to be selected.
Community investors
  • 30,000 CTT tokens (3%).
  • 10% unlocked in the first month, linear average unlocking in the next 11 months.
  • Each community partner has a hard cap of 3,000 CTT.
  • For each address, has a hard cap of 25 CTT.
  • 40,000 CTT tokens (4%).
  • Participation methods depend on the rules of each platform.
  • Part of the distribution share will be reserved for IEO listing and exchange of IIO vouchers later on.
  • 50,000 CTT tokens (5%).
  • Community ambassadors, technology developers, ecological cooperation.
  • Will not be released in the first month, and will be announced before the distribution.
Active airdrops
  • 50,000 CTT tokens (5%).
  • The game’s active address airdrop is divided into closed beta, open beta, and 2.0 experience stages.
  • Will not be released in the first month, the upper limit of releasing in one month is 2,500 CTT.
Market making reserve
  • 50,000 CTT tokens (5%).
  • Secondary market maker reserve, liquidity robot reserve.