BSC Rocket

🪧 Supplement: This document is a manual and will be updated and modified according to the development situation. It is not a fixed white paper. :)

What is BSC Rocket?

BSC Rocket is a light minigame built in connection with the popular topic "To The Moon" on Twitter. Players can use the BNB on Binance Smart Chain to deposit a fixed BNB amount at different stages of the rocket launch to keep the rocket flying. Players gain the corresponding scale of rewards after the rocket explodes randomly in the order of times invested in the launch progress.
Nearly 60% of the participants will get much more rewards, and 40% of the participants will get rewards which less than the amount of participation, from the game. These reward sources come from the BNB that the participants participated in. You can understand "BSC Rocket" as a game that redistributes BNB from everyone's wallet, but most participants will get more, and a small number of participants will get less.

What does it run on?

Unlike other projects, BSC Rocket runs on the Binance Smart Chain throughout the entire process, which means that the entire game is driven by smart contracts. You can read the BSC Rocket contract code to understand the security of the game on the BscScan page.
The single-game rocket explosion in BSC Rocket relies on the random number algorithm. This algorithm executes the explosion by obtaining random numbers from the ChainLink oracle machine every time.
Therefore, node miners and developers who understand the contract cannot cheat by predicting the block in advance.

How to participate/play?

Players need to prepare a crypto wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain. You can use the MetaMask wallet or a wallet supported by the WalletConnect protocol If you access via a computer; if you access via the mobile terminal, you can use crypto mobile wallets such as TrustWallet and SafePal.
Players can participate and deposit corresponding tokens in the work to boost rocket launch progress, which will accelerate the rocket's flight before the rocket explodes. As the number of people involved in boosting progress, the probability of the rocket's explosion is higher.
If the player happens to be the last player before the explosion, the tokens participating will not disappear because of the rocket explosion. On the contrary, the proportion of “To the moon” phase will be 100% belongs to the participants of this phase
After the end of a round of explosions, the contract will automatically generate a new rocket, and the player can refill BNB as fuel.

Support tokens?

In the first phase, BSC Rocket supports players using participate. The number of single participation in each game is 0.2 BNB.

Will there be advantages in participating earlier?

Yes, if the player is the first rocket participant at the beginning of the rocket, he will 100% become the player in the "ignition phase". Since a single rocket can only be boosted by 50 players at most, if the rocket reaches 49 participants and has not exploded, then the 50th player who participated not only became a 100% participant of "To the Moon", but also witnessed the explosion of the rocket.